Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Womens' Club; Me and Jake; An Abandoned Lake Cott

Made the Tomato Zucchini Frittada last night. Okay, so-so, not exciting and not quite boring. Primary ingredients are tofu for bulk, zucchini for crust. I could tell while I was making it that it was not going to have any flavor snap, so I did add mozzerella cheese on top which is not in the recipe. I liken the taste to those Bisquick Impossible Pie dinner recipes.
Kind of a disappointment after making the zesty, spicy Thai peanut noodles the night before.

Yesterday was the BC Women's Club Meeting. I really cannot believe I even go to these, and I don't go regularly. It still puts me in mind of women in their full skirted 1950s dresses, white gloves, handbag and hat. But it's not that at all...just my imagination at work. The women are mostly elderly and dress comfortably and warm for the winter weather. It's entirely a social club and just not my thing at all, but it does help me to be a bit connected to the people in my little village town. They meet once a month, and there is this little decorated gift basket full of small, inexpensive gift items that is given out at the end of the meeting. Name drawn from a hat kind of thing. When you 'win' it, you are responsible to fill it with new items and return it for the next meeting.

I won it back in November, and was to return it filled with new items for December meeting. I missed December meeting so added a couple more items to it for January meeting. I missed January meeting, and maybe the women are getting annoyed, because in the minutes is a sentence about how I missed the meeting, so no basket to give out. Well I was at February meeting, basket returned chock full of gifty items and this month basket winner was most pleased with the goodies. After all, I had two months worth of goodies to stuff into the basket, having missed two meetings and all.

Jake (my dog = Australian Shepherd) and I went for a walk to the park afterwards. I dug up some spring bluebells from an abandoned old house and will plant them in my yard. I didn't take much, just a few tufts, and it didn't hurt the abandoned house landscaping, let me assure you. I hope they will take in my yard and naturalize. I don't mind where they take hold, I rather like them untrained and popping up where they will.

On our walk, I went down the dead end road that I usually avoid. There are 2 old houses on the bank with spectacular view of the bay. Neither house is much to speak of, but the views they command are what developers would pay top dollar to get their hands on to develop. A former dwelling that has fallen in on itself is along the dead end driveway. The driveway isn't really, more a primitive sort of drive that cars have driven forming the shape of a dirt road. At the end of what is the road, sits an abandoned lake cottage. Hmmm, I didn't know that was there, and wonder who owns the property. It is obvious that once some family did come out here to enjoy some summer time at their cottage on the bay, but it looks like the weather and rain has had some years to get to it and it definitely looks abandoned.
It would make such a GREAT painting studio.

I yearn for my painting studio to be located where I can look directly at the bay but I'm not complaining much as I have peek a book views now and enough space to have a painting studio in the house we are buying. Speaking of which - it's been a long while since I painted, and I need to visit my studio and get those juices going again.

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